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Camo Cares

Seth is 13 years old and lives in Ohio and suffers from Cystic Fribrosis. Seth has been tutored at home for the past two years and unable to attend school. He is challenged daily by just walking from the couch to the bathroom and needs to stop and catch his breath. CF and all of the recurring infections have taken a toll on Seth’s body, including his heart and kidneys, but especially his lungs. The next challenge Seth is facing is being evaluated for a future lung transplant. He takes each day one step and one breath at a time. Seth’s family gets its strength from their family, friends, prayer and God.

Sergeant Pete Sutherland, Born in Erie, Pennsylvania, is another one of this year's Camo Cares recipients.
During a rescue mission to evacuate a U.S. patrol that was cut off and under heavy fire, Sgt. Sutherland sustained multiple gunshot wounds causing permanent disabilities. This battle became known as "Bloody Sunday" and has been featured on the ABC show Nightline, and a book written by Martha Raddatz called "The Long Road Home".

Camo Cares is a day-long event organized by Wired Outdoors and hundreds of volunteers to raise funds to send children with life-threatening illnesses and wounded military veterans on their dream hunts.  The event begins with a 3D archery shoot in the morning, followed by huge raffles in the afternoon, and continues with several live bands playing well into the night.

5th Annual Camo Cares Event

When:  June 21, 2014

Where: Fryburg Sportsman's Club Farm - Fryburg, PA

GPS Address: 3100 Marble-Strobleton Road, Tionesta PA

Schedule of Events


Archery Shoot Registration


Archery Shoot Shotgun Start


Raffle Tickets Go On Sale


Live Band - The 2 Of Us


Live Band - NOMaD


Live Band - E53

  • Open registration for the archery shoot will be available online April 15th at noon.
  • Raffle prizes will be posted as we receive them. If you are interested in donating a prize, please contact us.
  • Donations for Camo Cares 2014 are now being accepted. You can donate online via PayPal here or download a mail-in donation form and mail it to PO Box 972 Knox, PA 16232. All Donations are welcome. Checks should be made to Camo Cares.
  • The location of the Fryburg Sportsman's Club Farm is provide above.  For detailed step-by-step driving directions, get directions here.
  • Discounted rooms for Camo Cares are provided by the Holiday Inn of Clarion for $89 per night. Call them at 814-226-8850 to reserve your discounted room by May 21st.